100pcs a lot 1.8M Controller Joystick Extension cable for NES Game Console

100pcs a lot 1.8M Controller Joystick Extension cable for NES Game Console
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ZY-DT216 5GHz Wireless Transmission System Wireless HDMI Extender Transmitter Receiver Video WIFI 100m Wireless HDMI Sender Kit


ZY-DT216,Navceker Wireless HD Video Solution enables wireless transmission of video/audio from any HDMI video source such as PC/HDTV to display devices includes HDTV/HD Monitor over the 5.8GHz band, with very low latency. 
It does not require any special configuration of software driver installation-simply connect the transmitter to the HDMI output of the video source and the receiver to the HDMI input of the Panel/TV/Monitor. Its Plug & Play operation makes it the ultimate solution for the most demanding indoor/outdoor professional environments. 
This Wireless HD Video Transmission Solution is widely applicable to family entertainments, office presentation, lecture, education, medical treatment, party, conference etc. 


5.8 GHz wireless hdmi transmitter receiver 1080p video hdmi wireless HDMI extender wireless

  • Effective Range:330ft(100 meters no obstruction;164ft(50 meters) through the wall);
  • Audio sampling rate: 32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz ;
  • Audio Format: DTS-HD/Dolby-true HD/LPCM7.1/DTS/DSD ;
  • Video resolution: up to 1920*[email protected];
  • Anti-interference frequency: 5.8 GHz;
  • Radio Frequency power :13dbm;
  • Male to male: Unicast,one TX to one RX applicataion;
  • Male to female:Broadcast,one TX to 2 RX application; 
  • Wide band Infrared control:unidirectional 20~60 KHz IR romote control;
  • Low latency:Less than 50 ms;
  • Compressed mode:H.264 technology;
  • No cable:between sender (TX) and receiver (RX);
  • Video standard:compliance with HDMI 1.3 and HDCP 1.2 standard;
  • High compatibility : match many kinds of display devices;
  • Built-in automatic adjustment system: make the image smooth, clear and stable;
  • Built-in ESD protection system:make transmission much safer. Perfect hdmi extension adapter for large homes, factories, construction sites, data control centers etc;plug and play
  • Simple to install, plug and play


Transmission distance will be different due to the environment
Wall, brick or glass will shorten the signal cover range or cause big signal loss.

We simulated complex environment of different temperature, humidity and obstacles etc , obtain a series of real testing data, Average test result as follows:


1. Straight line distance without any obstacle, suggest 100m/330ft.


2. Straight line distance has wooden wall or glass wall, suggest 60m/200ft.


3. Straight line distance has reinforced concrete wall, suggest 30m/100ft.


wireless hdmi to hdmi 1080P wireless HDMI extender 100m wireless HDMI transmitter receiver kit

Standards----------HDMI 1.3; HDCP 1.2
Maximum pixel clock------165MHz
Maximum data rate-------6.75Gbps
Resolution [email protected]

Compress Formats-----H.264 technology

Interface----3.5mm seat
Signal direction--------Unidirectional
Signal type----------Digital
IR frequency--------20~60kHz


Transmission distance--------5.8GHz:100m(Max:120m)

Wireless Standard------802.11ac

Radio Frequency power -------13dbm

Power supply-----The power adapter: DC 5V/2A
Power dissipation------MAX 6W
Temperature-------Operating: -5℃ ~ +70℃
Humidity-------Operating: 5% ~ 90%

The warranty--------1 year free warranty

Trouble shooting :

1.Contact our customer service for installation guide. 
2.Make sure power adapter is working fine by checking the power led in the front of the unit. 
3.Audio Sync Issue: The sound should be from receiver. Do not directly connected to the source. 
4.Power Issue: Please make sure the DC plug is secure in the units 
5.Signal Issue: Our extenders use 5GHZ  Channel. Please make sure your home WiFi is not on the same channels. 
5. IR issue:1,Check if the IR emitter head is secured over the center of the IR window of source device. This position maybe discrepant if you use different sources, try to adjust the position if the signal is weak. 2,The control signal will be better when your controller is pointed at the IR receiver head directly.

Package list:

  • Wireless HDMI transmitter              1 pcs
  • Wireless HDMI receiver                  1 pcs
  • Power adapter                                  2 pcs
  • IR TX/RX terminal                            1 set
  • User manual                                     1 pcs



1. The wireless  transmitter and receiver power supply,After waiting for the system normal light up,Connect the 3.5 mm audio line WIFI transmitter and receiver interfaces of IR,The WIFI video transmitter and receiver RESET each click,Then long press RESET receiver wait after system restart,Can be used after matching complete, pull out the audio line.

2.The HDMI source access Wireless HDMI extender sender.

3.Connect the HDMI extender the receiver to a display device (such as high-definition TV, splicing screen, etc.).

4. Configure infrared to control function: send infrared line link extender transmitter, the receiver of the infrared receiving line access extender, and aim the infrared emission head needs to control device of the infrared receiver mouth.

5. Confirm the transmitter and the receiver is placed within the effective distance Steer clear of obstructions,

6. To the wireless sender and the receiver connected to the power, when the light is normal lights up, normal operation of system.QQ20190207214324ZY-DT2016(6)ZY-DT2016(4)ZY-DT2016(3)ZY-DT2016(1)ZY-DT2016(2)ZY-DT2016(8)ZY-DT2016(9)ZY-DT2016(10)ZY-DT2016(11)ZY-DT2016(12)ZY-DT2016(13)ZY-DT2016(14)ZY-DT2016(5)ZY-DT2016(7)-1







 1.Q: Can it transmit  HDMI video audio signal through 1 wall,2 walls or more walls ?   

A: ZY-DT216,Navceker Wireless HDMI  sender receiver,It can transmit HDMI signal up to 40m through 1 wall,But it will have little delay;It can transmit HDMI signal up to 15m through 2 walls,But it will have much delay;When it work through 3 walls,it can not work and show "No Signal "or "Search TX ". 


2.Q: What kind of video signal device is compatible with Wireless HDMI video audio transmitter receiver? 

A: DVR, PC, HDTV,Tablet, Mobile,Monitor etc can compliance with wireless HDMI extender transmitter.(please let us know the brand and models of the device)


3.Q: What’s the resolution of input video signal?

A: Wireless HDMI transmission kit: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]/60Hz, [email protected]/60Hz, [email protected]/60Hz etc


4.Q: What kind of cables in need ?

A: Input cable: HDMI 1.3 cable,IR receiver, Output cable: HDMI Cable,IR transmitter.


5.Q: What kind of output device is compatible with Wireless WIFI HDMI video transmitter receiver? 

A: TV, Monitor, DVR,NVR etc (please let us know the brand and models of the device)


6.Q: Can one transmitter (TX) work with 1 pcs receiver(RX),2 pcs receivers or more receivers?

A: Yes,ZY-DT216 wireless WIFI HDMI extender,One TX can work with Max 2 pcs RX.In order to avoid the different environment affect,So we suggest that you are better to use one TX work with 2 pcs RX .

7.Q: Can it support 3D signal of wireless WIFI HDMI sender transmitter with ir ?

A:  No,It can not support 3D signal. 

8.Q: What is STATUS and POWER Light with wireless HDMI video extender transmitter?

A: STATUS Light is Video signal connection indicator,POWER Light is System power indicator.


9.Q: My country has one low tariff threshold, I don\'t want pay the tax to the customs, could you help me ?

A: To avoid the tax and fee caused by the customs, we will write low value (Generally US$20) and as gift on the label to some countries (Only by China Post or Other Post ways).